CineMar x LHC: Heavy Water

The CineMar Surf Movie Night sails into the most beautiful cities in Europe with its film tour. On November 19th the organization will dock in Utrecht to host an adventurous movie night at the Louis Hartlooper Complex. The smell of freedom and salt water sneaks into the cinema, triggering a wave of yearning.

Heavy Water follows Big Wave Surfer, Nathan Fletcher, his development as a Big Wave surfer as well as his passion for the sport. Nathan, whose grandfather was one of the biggest surf pioneers of the north coast of Oahu, learned to surf at an early age. He and other surf legends like Andy and Bruce Irons give an insight into their personal experiences and describe the most iconic moments of the sport, which shapes today’s surfing adventure. Their surfing journeys are shared not only in their beautiful stories of challenging moments, but also demonstrate the power of water and the complexity of surfing. Heavy Water takes you behind the scenes of the surf culture, to the roots of the skate culture and its legendary Dogtown Crew. Nathan Fletcher visualizes this deeplying connection in the “Acid Bomb Drop” directly from the helicopter on to the wave.

Regie Michael Oblowitz
Cast Nathan Fletcher, Woody Brown, Peter Cole, LeRoy Dennis
Genre Documentaire
Land VS
Release 19 nov 2019
Productiejaar 2015
Speelduur 90 minuten
Gesproken taal English
Ondertitelde taal -
  • 12

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didi 19 novembernov 21:15

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