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Regular tickets prices


Tickets online or at the reception: € 10

The QR-code in the corfirmation e-mail (printed or on your phone) will be checked at the reception.



3D: +€ 2

Long Films (+150 min.): +€ 1

Extra Long Films (+210 min.): +€ 3

Short films (-60 min.): € 6

Ticket prices and discounts


Always valid (weekdays and weekend) at regular screenings:

2 Ticket: free*

10 Ticket (before: Digitale Strippenkaart/10-Rittenkaart): free*

Cinevillepas: free*

Studentenkaart/CJP: € 8*

U-pas korting: € 8*

Children up to 12 years old: € 8 (only at the reception)


*See terms:






terms & conditions – Corona


• To enter the building you are required to show a valid corona QR code, identity card + face mask.
• Keep a distance of 1.5 metres from other visitors and our staff.
• Listen to our staff, be patient and be kind to each other.
• If you have cold-like symptoms, we urge you to cancel your food reservation or cancel your movie tickets free of charge (before screening). The purchase amount will then be refunded. This can be done by telephone: 030-2320450.
• It’s no longer possible to reserve tickets.
• Upon presentation of your movie ticket you may enter the building 15 minutes before the film starts. So don’t come too early. First you’ll pass the reception and then you’ll proceed to the hall with a valid movie ticket.
• Be on time when buying your tickets online. Because of the current measures, movie screenings can sell out faster than before.
• Unfortunately, our building is temporarily inaccessible for wheelchairs.
• The digital “Strippenkaart” and your Cineville pass are valid, but other discounts or promotions will not be valid for the time being.
• Do you still have a cardboard “Strippenkaart”? Unfortunately, these are not valid anymore.
• Please note that we may be forced to change your seat selection to fill the room as safely and efficiently as possible.
• Do you have a Cineville pass? Book online and check-in at the entrance (reception), up to 5 minutes in advance.
• Drinks during the movie are allowed and can be ordered in Das Kabinett (only before the start of the film).
• Please make use of the restroom before the movie starts.
• An employee will check your ticket before you enter the cinema room and will help you find your seat.
• After the film starts, you will no longer have access to the film, so make sure you are on time.
• When leaving the cinema room, wait until the visitors on the outer edge of your row have left.
• After the movie screening, you must leave the building as quickly as possible via the emergency exit. You will be guided by an employee.
• It is not allowed to bring food into the cinema rooms.

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