LHC Open Screen

The Louis Hartlooper Complex (LHC) frequently receives requests from all over the country by upcoming film talent to screen their work. So we came up with the idea to organise a day when we make our largest screen available to film talent. To have a platform to show film on a large screen is inspiring to film makers and therefore something we consider very important. The third edition of LHC Open Screen (in Dutch: LHC Open Doek) will be held on Sunday, June 23 2019. This time we leave it to the audience and a panel of judges to vote for the winner. The winning film will be shown on a regular basis throughout the summer.


Filmmakers have until May 1 2019 to submit their work through roos@hartlooper.nl. The LHC reserves the right to make a selection from the submitted works according to length of the program and based on the Terms and Conditions. The complete program will be announced on June 1 2019. Tickets will be available from the same date.


Terms and Conditions

• Films have a title, closing credits and are of reasonable digital quality (see Technical Conditions);
• Films are no more than 2 years old;
• Films do not have a distributor and have not been previously released in theatres and/or on television;
• Filmmakers are expected to be present during the screening of their work;
• Participants are expected to generate some publicity of their own;
• Provision and transport of work are at the participants' own risk (including return of the work);
• Films need to be submitted before the start of ticket sales on June 1 2019;
• LHC reserves the right to refuse work without provision of reason;
• Arrangement and payment of screening rights are participants' responsibility. LHC assumes that this has been taken care of when the film is submitted;
• Tickets can only be booked by phone, online and/or purchased at the Reception from June 1 2019.


Technical Conditions

• 1080p or better:
   o HD quality or better
   o Non-interlaced
• Surround or 3.1 mix preferable.
• Options for subtitles:
   o Hardcoded in the image (not framed)
   o In the file's container (as with Blu-rays and DVDs)
   o Provided separately in a file (for example .srt)
• In some cases a conversion may be required in order to prepare a DCP